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• 11/27/2017

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• 4/10/2017

Wow no one has any fun ever

No fun for anyone because no one wants fun...
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• 7/22/2015


Anyone found a trick to dealing with knights? So far I've only found one piece of mithril and I'm guessing you need the mithril anvil to make the mithril sword. I have never seen the mithril sword for sale. I am using a diamond sword but get wasted if I get hit by a knight. I am also using a diamond shield. I was just trying to avoid them for the most part but my next area starts with a knight right by the entrance. Any thoughts or ideas?
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• 4/9/2015

good things to mass manufacture and sell

I have been wondering what are some really good things that sell for a lot and take very little to make any ideas the more profit the better
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• 4/9/2015

Chest houses will be all the rage soon someone needs to design one

Chest houses will be all the rage soon someone needs to design one
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• 4/3/2015

Photo of my New Kitten!!!

My new kitten, I named him Hairball.
[Kiiten Pic[1]]
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• 1/4/2015

Site Layout Discussion

Hi everyone! With the wiki evolving and growing, and Rogue Legend 2 looking like it will be a reality, I thought perhaps we could get together and brainstorm ideas for the overall layout of the site, particularly the main page and category pages. I have been more or less responsible for the overall layout we have thus far, but I feel it could be better, and would like to get input from everyone.Sylvanis Noctura (talk) 00:38, January 4, 2015 (UTC)
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• 12/20/2014


What do the stairs do in the game?
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• 12/12/2014

Wiki Adoption

Hello Everyone! I am posting this because I have just requested the privilege of adopting this wiki. If I am successful in this, we will have a lot more capability within the wiki, including potential color scheme changes, removal of extraneous pages, and things I am not even aware of yet. I encourage everyone to comment on this topic, and message me with any questions or comments you may have. Thank you all for your time, your contributions, your insight, and all your efforts to help make our Wiki outstanding.Sylvanis Noctura (talk) 04:40, December 12, 2014 (UTC)
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• 12/8/2014

Building houses/barn materials

Hello, my dear fellow players .This is HalfYea speaking and I am in need of your help.
A comment made me think of this ( thanks Tamed  the Wild ) and thus I ended up being curious about creating a page strictly for building materials with images on how do they look , how do they look when put next to more than one of the same object ( i.e rug changes central pattern , walls ,stairs , etc ) and how can they be obtined. 
Do you think this page would be useful ?
If so , has anybody else already started doing this?
Thank you lots .
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• 12/1/2014

Animal Care Experiment

So, another wiki contributor made a comment on one of the pages about an experiment they were planning with cows. I decided to take inspiration and test out sheep and chickens as well, on a much smaller scale.
My first result is in and it confirms something important: the amount of care you give an animal does affect when it will start producing better products. This suggests there is indeed a hidden statistic for each of your animals which is based on the amount of care you've given it. It also disproves the year theory which I've seen floating around (1 year from 1 produce tier to the next).
Here are my results so far:
On Winter 1, Year 4, I placed 2 chickens, 2 sheep and 1 cow. One of each species receives full care. The other sheep and chicken receive only food (apart from egg harvesting/shearing). There's no full care cow because the other wiki contributor will do a better cow experiment.
Full care chicken: placed Winter 1 Y4; medium egg Spring 17 Y5; large Winter 2 Y5; gold Fall 2 Y6
No care chicken: placed Winter 1 Y4; still producing small eggs as of Fall 2 Y6
Full care sheep: placed Winter 1 Y4; medium wool Spring 14 Y5; large Winter 2 Y5; gold Summer 4 Y6
No care sheep: placed Winter 1 Y4; still producing small wool as of Fall 2 Y6
Full care cow: placed Winter 1 Y4; medium milk Spring 12-14?? Y5, large milk Winter 1 Y5; gold milk Summer 1 Y6
Note: Unfortunately, after 1 and a half in-game months I was basically sleepwalking through the routine of caring for them and didn't notice exactly when the cow started producing medium milk. Also, as sheep can only be sheared every 3 days, it may have reached medium wool level at any point in the 3 days after its last small wool shearing. So it's difficult to pin down the exact timing of both, but as I now suspect cows and sheep both level up at the same time if given the same amount of care, the other wiki contributor's experiment may be able to give a more precise timing, provided they are more attentive than me ;)
So, in any case, it seems like it takes somewhere between 30-34 days for sheep and cows to go from small to medium if they are given full care every day. I'll continue the experiment to get more results, then post 'em here.
Edit: full care chicken gave its first medium egg on Spring 17, which suggests ~37 days for a chicken to go from small to medium with full daily care.
2nd Edit: Full care cow finally reached large milk on Winter 1, Y5, exactly one year after I put it in my barn. This means it took at least 45 days to get from medium to large. I expect the full care sheep will give large wool on Winter 2 (its next shearing)
3rd Edit: Full care chicken and full care sheep both reached large on Winter 2 Y5. (Actually, the full care sheep gave medium, but the 4 other sheep I placed on Winter 1 Y5 gave large - I think I just forgot to brush the full care sheep a couple of times - it's at the end of a row of cows so I must have switched to the milk pump before remembering to brush it)
4th edit: All my cows reached gold milk on Summer 1 Year 6, at least a month earlier than I expected (which is a little odd!). As the experiment started on Winter 1 Y4, this means it took precisely one year and a half, or 120 days. But the chicken and sheep are still on large. I guess they will upgrade soon too.
5th edit: full care sheep got gold on Summer 4 Y6, full care chicken is still holding out on me. 
6th edit: full care chicken finally got there on Fall 2 Y6. Weirdly long time.
Anyway, that marks the conclusion of the experiment. I've given hope on those no care animals. So here are my results:
Full care chicken: S to M 37 days, M to L 44 days, L to G 60 days ... TOTAL S to G: ~141 days
Full care cow: S to M 30-36 days, M to L 40-44 days, L to G 40 days ... TOTAL S to G: 120 days
Full care sheep: S to M 33 days, M to L 48 days, L to G 42 days ... TOTAL S to G: 123 days
1. Chickens seem to take the longest overall to reach gold level. Cows and sheep are roughly on par. Sheep took a few days longer than cows, but this might be attributable to the fact you can only shear sheep every 3 days, making it impossible to observe their produce level in the intervening period. There is also some likely human error where I may have forgotten to fully care for the sheep on a small number of days.
2. Giving extra care (picking up/brushing/talking) to animals is the only way to upgrade their produce. This seems to be linked to some hidden statistic, which for simplicity's sake we will call "affection". Feeding and milking/shearing does not raise affection.
3. However, extra care seems to have no other benefit apart from raising affection. Therefore, it is entirely optional. If you want/need to, you can neglect to brush/talk to/pick up your animals. Their affection will not drop, they will remain happy, and they will continue giving produce as long as they are fed every day. In particular, there is virtually no benefit to continuing to give your animals extra care once they reach gold tier (apart from to help protect against product downgrading, as mentioned in the next point)
4. Feeding is essential. If you do not feed your animals, they will suffer a drop in affection each time they are not fed, possibly causing their produce to downgrade. (After gold tier you can protect against this by continuing to brush/talk to/pick up your animals for a while after they reach gold, to build up an affection "buffer zone".) They also will not give produce the day after not being fed. If you continue to starve your animals, they will die.
That's about it. I'll get to work on updating the Raising Animals page :)
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• 11/25/2014

Message from Ryo Stonewell

hey guys. is it worth building barns in the first section of the wilderness?
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• 11/18/2014

Rogue Legend Needs You!

Hello fellow gamers! If you're reading this, then you probably came to the Rogue Legend Wiki looking for help with the game Rogue Legend:Tame the Wild. If you don't know what Rogue Legend is, one, who sent you and why have you been following me, and two, you should check it out on Kongregate!
You may have noticed, while looking for that help, that there isn't a great amount of information here. That's because the Wiki doesn't magically get filled, but requires the support of players, just like you, to help it out. I'm trying to get pages completed enough that its easy for people to imput information, an example being the Tools or Crops page, but if anyone else has basic knowledge of Wiki editing and wants to start a few pages about stuff, such as the shops and items they sell, or making a page about usable items, that would be awesome!
I don't think it will take to long to get this Wiki into shape as a fountain of knowledge for players. Also, If you think of a better way to categorize items,  besides what I plan (Tools, Crops, Crafting Materials, Usable Items, Place-able Items, Misc Items) give a shout out! I've never really worked on a Wiki before, and I could use all the help I can get!
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