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• 1/4/2015

Site Layout Discussion

Hi everyone! With the wiki evolving and growing, and Rogue Legend 2 looking like it will be a reality, I thought perhaps we could get together and brainstorm ideas for the overall layout of the site, particularly the main page and category pages. I have been more or less responsible for the overall layout we have thus far, but I feel it could be better, and would like to get input from everyone.
Sylvanis Noctura (talk) 00:38, January 4, 2015 (UTC)

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• 1/5/2015

Well, the basic layout of the main page of the site is okay, IMHO. If we're looking to organize it better, I might suggest a layout similar that in the "Gateways and Links" section of the Main Page of the WCRPG Wikia site, of which I am the admin. That layout would put the specific categorical links in bulleted lists, possibly side-by-side one another (I did that change about a month ago and I'm not wholly sold on it just yet).

I should probably mention that I've been editing Wikia-style wikis for quite some time now...

• 5/4/2015
you could have a page with all the other pages on it so people could find what they are looking for easier
• 4/10/2017

I was wondering,because I get lost, if you could create sub pages/categories from the main page, and have every lower page under those so people can find what they need, because I've been here while and I'm not sure if I've seen every page on here...

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