This is merely a list of known bugs and glitches in the game. Feel free to add to it as you encounter more.

If you have a glitched save, you can send it to the developer at

To find your save (from the game's description):

Go to %APPDATA%\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects

If you’re using Chrome, this might instead be:

%APPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects

There’ll be a folder with random gibberish, enter it

From there you’ll need to navigate to


The files in there are your save!

Black Screen of Death Edit

For no seeming reason, your screen will go pitch black, normally after a transition (recalling, sleeping, or even moving from one screen to the next) but sometimes even in the middle of gameplay. The only option available to you is quitting to the main menu, which will show you the title screen zoomed in extremely close on the hero's face, with nothing else available to interact with.

Sometimes, refreshing the page repeatedly can fix the bug, however even then on occasion items in your farm will vanish when you finally reload. For unknown reasons, this glitch seems to favor doors, chests, and crops for spontaneous deletion, although I've also lost a Mithril Anvil and several windows before.

Dangerously, I was in the process of reorganizing my inventory and had moments prior put my Super Backpack full of ores and my not-in-use Mithril equipment into one of the chests that ended up randomly deleted - fortunately, I've encountered this glitch once before and NEVER leave my important bags in chests for more time than it takes to shuffle another item out, and had just barely reacquired my goodie bag right before the glitch hit. Unfortunately, my "piggy bank chest" with several Confusing Maps inside (purchased @ ~50% cost to store money in a retrievable format in case I died) was deleted. T_T

It is possible that this bug occurs if you click with the mouse when the game is loading a new screen. So better avoid doing anything when you know that the game will load a new screen like when you change map.