Main Character-0

The Protagonist/ Player

The main character is a boy whose village is attacked by mysterious armored knights at the beginning of the game. His father sacrifices himself while his mother boosts him up through the chimney to save him. He fights and scavenges his way through the blazing ruins of his village, finding everyone in his village slaughtered, and runs off, killing some of the remaining knights with a sword he finds on the ground. This scene is mostly playable, with a short tutorial segment.

After escaping from his village, the boy is shown "one year later" purchasing a farm. The game is about building this farm and "taming the wild."

So build your farm, collect animals, destroy the knights, and upgrade everything!

Trivia Edit

  • A drawn picture of him shown on the title screen.
  • Deep into the wild are knights identical to the ones that raided his village.
  • The knights that the Main Character fought in the village are weaker versions of the ones found in the wild. It is unknown how the wooden sword was used to defeat them, but most likely it was from his rage. The ones in the wild may also be ghosts or some sort of illusion, since they can pass through walls.