So this is Project Green Thumb 1. By the end of this experiment, we should have definitive information on:
Whether or not multi harvest crops can be held at harvest status past their season end until their next season.
How long it takes each plant to go from planted seed to small plant that can no longer be walked over(germination time).
Whether or not it is possible to grow plants indoors.
I estimate that it will take me approximately three weeks to perform the complete experiment, as I still need to acquire some seed types, however I will update progress at least weekly until the experiment is done.
Sylvanis Noctura (talk) 06:39, December 12, 2014 (UTC)

Phase 1: Fall

I began the experiment on the 3rd day of Fall, having aquired the 5 seed types available for the season. I planted 4 of each crop in  2x2 plots, and watered daily if it was not raining. The results are tabled below.

Name Germination Time Initial Harvest Time Re-harvest Time
Bell Pepper 2 days 7 days 7 days
Yam 2 days 7 days 3 days
Eggplant 3 days 9 days N/A
Carrot 2 days 7 days N/A
Mushroom 1 day 5 days N/A

The germination times and harvest times are counted starting at day of planting. the re-harvest time is counted from day of initial harvest.

Other Discoveries

During the course of this experiment, I stumbled on a few pieces of information. While the actual day and season, as well as the market, changes each day at midnight, crops, weather, weed/tree random spawns, and attacks on the farm occur at 5:00 in the morning. On Fall 20 I did not go to bed, but stayed up to observe the season change. After midnight, it was no longer possible to drink from the pond outside my front door, though the graphic did not change to frozen pond. My yams and bell peppers wer still at harvest state. at 5;00, the bell peppers and yams were instantly replaced with snow covered dead plants, though the farm plot did not change to winter tileset. From this, I conclude that it is not possible to preserve standard crops from year to year. I also planted a mushroom in the middle of my house, by placing a dirt block in place of one of my rug tiles. There seemed to be no difference in outcome, and it was still effected by weather despite the roof. This would seem to make indoor growing a viable concept, essentialy replacing the need for an umbrella on rainy days.

Having now eliminated two of the lines of investigation in this experiment, I expect the rest will proceed rather quickly. I am hopeful that potatoes will be part of shop rotation in the spring, and will check daily through the season until verified/disproved.

Sylvanis Noctura (talk) 02:48, December 15, 2014 (UTC)