The WIlderness is the area where the Main Character can travel to fight enemies and harvest resources. It is located one screen south of both the Town (left path) and the Farm (right path), and progress can be made by continuing south to head deeper in.

The Wilderness is linear (always top to bottom), random (no two screens are the same) and infinitely progressive (enemies get harder and resources more valuable deeper in, without end) Some resources (such as berries) respawn in the wilderness, whereas others (such as ores) do not, and are permanently removed once claimed by the player.

As the Wilderness is linear and infinite, and some resources do not respawn over time, it may become more valuable as a player progresses deeper in to consider purchasing a Confusing Map to reset the Wilderness to a pristine, untouched state rather than have to travel several dozen screens in to resume progress Note that this removes all changes in the WIlderness, including renovations, away-homes, and pathways.

While most of the Wilderness is randomly generated, it seems that the first screen will always have the same layout, even after a reset. Further, it always has a lake comprised of water blocks in it, which can be harvested with a Hammer and placed on your farm as an easy and permanent source of water (except in winter.)

While there is no way to consistently map the Wilderness, since it is different for each player, higher tier enemies and resources can be found deeper in, and begin spawning at consistent points. For ease of reference, the first screen below your farm will be referred to as Wilderness 1, the screen below that referred to as Wilderness 2, etc.


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Work in progress.

Wilderness 1: Bats

Wilderness 2: Bees

Wilderness 3: Slimes

Wilderness 4: Snakes

Wilderness 5: Worms

Wilderness 6: Eyes

Wilderness 7: Ghost

Wilderness 8: Knight


Wilderness 1: Copper Ore.

Wilderness 2: Iron Ore

Wilderness 4: Titanium Ore

Wilderness 6: Tungsten Ore

Wilderness 8: Diamond Ore and Mithril Ore